Ryan and I in a Kakao Store in Seoul

About Me

I started this blog to talk about two of my biggest interests, travelling and aviation. Some of my first memories have to do with aviation, flight and travel.

My family is spread out around the globe which introduced me moving around often since I was very young. By the way my name is Alex and I’m based in Italy.

For 3 years I worked as a flight attendant in Dubai which gave me the chance to travel to many countries. I discovered new places while meeting new cultures and experience new cuisines.

Without this experience I think I never would have started this travel blog. I must admit to that I regret not starting it sooner, but better late than never.

Until now I’ve been to more than 50 countries, obviously I hope to increase that in the upcoming years. This blog is the chance to talk about a what cabin crew life is about, destinations I’ve been to and travel tips.