Playlist - My First Time in Korea

Always since I started dating my wife I was very curious about her culture and about visiting South Korea. In December 2016 the time finally came for my first time visiting the country.

It was also my first time meeting my future parents in law at the time. Which was the primary reason of our visit. We flew over on the first days of December 2016 from Rome Fiumicino Airport with an overnight Korean Air flight to Incheon International Airport.

This was also my first time flying Korean Air and I really enjoyed my experience on board. So much so that I’ve only flown them to South Korea since.

I remember clearly that when we arrived in Seoul I was immediately surpised by how fast people moved around. Seoul is a fasinating place to visit. So much to see and so much to do. The city never sleeps.

Also while in South Korea I experienced using almost all means of public transportation. I travelled by train, airplane, bus, high speed train and metro.

Everything was very new to me. I had travelled to asian countries often in my life as a cabin crew but never to the far east and Korea. It really was a completely new world for me. Nonetheless I enjoyed my stay like I had never enjoyed a travel destination before.

Unfortunately for this trip we only had 12 days available. We managed to squeeze in seeing a large part of Seoul and visiting the in-laws in Changwon. By the time our stay was over, I couldn’t believe how many things we were able to fit in such a short amount of time

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