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To South South Korea

My first morning in South Korea is also the day I have to travel down to the southern part of the country with my wife to visit my mother and father in law.

Before making our way to Gimpo Airport, we headed out ofΒ  our home in Youido to carry out some errands in the north part of the city to make our way to the mort side of the city, to take care of some business before making our way to the airport.

Bus in Seoul Korea

This was my first close up meeting with the Seoul mass transport system. If you are able to overcome the language barrier with the various signs and figure out where you have to go the experience is very pleasant. We caught the bus to Gangnam. This gave me the chance to have a quick look around the city during our transfer.

Something immediately struck my eye. Many bits and pieces of Korea’s ancient history blend into the ultra modern landscape that Seoul offers. It was very interesting.

Buildings in Seoul

Once we had concluded all we had planned to do, we realised time was starting to run low. We still had to return to the apartment merge two suitcases into one, and get to the airport in time for our flight.

The Race to The Airport

As I mentioned earlier our flight wasn’t departing from the same airport we had arrived at just the previous evening. We had arrived at Incheon International Airport and today our flight was departing from Gimpo International Airport.

Gimpo Airport before boarding

Gimpo is the older airport that served as Seoul’s main airport up to 2001. Year when the new Incheon airport was opened just before South Korea co-hosted the 2002 world cup. The plus side of departing from Gimpo is that it’s closer to the city and will take less time to reach. Also it is served by So be carefull when booking a domestic Korean flight if you need to transfer from on airport to the other.

We fortunately made it to our flight. We had to fly from Seoul Gimpo (GMP Airport code) to Gimhae International Airport (PUS Airport Code). Gimhae airport serves the Busan and Gimhae Area which was our destination. We flew again with Korean Air (I also opened a frequent flyer account with them) again on this short 55 minute hop down the peninsula.

Baggage Claim in Busan Gimhae

There finally I met my parents in law who picked us up at the airport. That will be a story for another post.

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