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A Morning in Samjeongdong, Seoul

We woke up a little late this morning but we still wanted to make the most of the day. We donโ€™t have much time left here in Seoul, South Korea, but still so much to do. In just 2 days weโ€™ll be flying down to Sydney, Australia to visit my relatives.

In the taxi in Seoul Korea


We hopped into a taxi with my wife and my brother and siter in law making our way to Samjeongdong. Samjeongdong is one of the still standing oldest parts of Seoul. This is a must visit place during your stay because it can give you the idea of what the city used to look like before the Japanese invasion during which many palaces and historical buildings were destroyed.

If you’re travelling alone and do not speak Korean there are tourist guides in this area that can help you make your way around and better understand what you are seeing. Of course this being Korea there are free WiFi hotspots even here in the older part of the city.

Tteokbokki Lunch

Samjeongdong is located on a hill which overlooks a great part of the city. We took about an hour to look around, after which we made our way down the hill to have lunch. Of course we had Korean food, this time we had Tteokbokki.
Tteokbokki are small rice cakes that have a nice and chewy consistency. They are usually topped with a red spicy sauce which I like a lot and I would reccomend you taste them. You can find them in almost any Korean restaurant in Seoul.

Papingsu After Lunch

After lunch we stopped for a traditional Korean desert to complete the meal. We stopped at a small store on our way to the Seoul palace which serves Patbingsu. The desert is made by ice flakes garnished with various syrups and toppings. The original recipe calls for beans as topping. Surprisingly itโ€™s very enjoyable. I had never had beans in a dessert before.
Papingsu korean sweet
The entrance to Seoul's Palace

Unfortunately opening hours are only from 9 AM to 4 PM so we weren’t able to go in all the way, but we will go back either tomorrow or Saturday before going to the airport.

Insadong, Seoul

Our last stop of the day before returning home was the area of Insadong. If you are in need of finding a present, something for someone back home or just for your self to remember the trip by, youโ€™ll definitely find something that matches your needs here. Also the many street food vendors will be a great opportunity to treat yourself to a Korean snack.
Insudong shopping area
That done we had had it for the day and decided to go back home by bus. Seoulโ€™s public transport system is reliable and extremely efficient and is a great way to make your way around the city.
on the bus in Seoul Korea
And thatโ€™s another day done in Seoul, keep reading for more from South Korea.Ciao ????

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