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Visiting A Korean Temple

Today was another busy day, our fifth day in South Korea since arriving on Thursday. We don’t have that much time here in Korea before having to moving on to Australia. That means that every day here is packed with things to do.

Some More Delicious Korean Food

The first stop of our day out was at a local restaurant. As often has been happening in the past days in Changwon I was the only non Korean in the restaurant. Which is also fun because people are often amazed by how naturally I adapt to Korean food and Korean flavors. The interiors were decorated in a traditional manner in wood with the low tables.

I have to admit that by this point my legs had started to ache when sitting at this kind of table. Unfortunately my muscles and body are not extremely flexible :(. I’ll need to work on that when I return to Italy, beacuse I really enjoyed this way of dining.

Me sitting by the short Korean Table

What We Ate

If you’ve never been to a restaurant in South Korea, you must know that as soon as you take your seat you’ll be served Kimchi water and some kind of pickle. So don’t be surprised if you see some kind of food arrive at the table even before you place your order.

Ready for another Korean Lunch

As in my first day in Changwon, when we had also had lunch out, service was super fast once again. Just minutes after placing our order the food was in front of us. We ordered: squid Pajeon, Bibimbap and Sujebi soup.

Pajeon with Kimchi and soy sauce on the side

You might remember Bibimbap from my previous post about my flight from Rome to Seoul, then also I had this Korean delicacy in a slightly different variation. To find out more about what a Pajeon is you can read this post.

Korean Bibimbap rice dish

Sujebi consists of dough flakes roughly torn apart by hand in a mixed vegetable suop. In Abruzzo we have something very similar so somehow this dish had a very familiar consistency.

The Temple Visit

Once lunch was over and done, we moved to the second stop of our busy day, the Changwon Temple. Just a few minutes outside the city hidden in the hills, in a peaceful riverside location sits the temple.

Temple in the hills near Changwon

One thing that will certainly catch your attention walking from one building to the other is the extreme level of detail the roofs have. Seen from above the colors of the roofs blend in with the nature that surrounds them. Seen from below the roofs offer a show of decorations in an explosion of colors.

Korean Traditional Structure
Korean Traditional Structure

So when you’re visiting Korean temples and palaces make sure to lift your nose not to miss out on something really special. Also while walking around you’ll see stacks of rocks one on top of the other. My wife explained to me that people pick up rocks and balance them at the top of a stack and pray.

Korean Traditional Structure

My wife also explained that traditional Korean buildings are built entirely out of wood and is designed in such way that makes it possible to dismantle it and move it elsewhere rebuilding it in exactly the same way.

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