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Hello From Korea! 안녕하세요!

Good Morning, good evening, I’m still a bit confused by the time difference, but nonetheless we made it to Korea. Had a very enjoyable flight with Korean Air from Rome Fiumicino Airport direct to Seoul’s Incheon international airport.

The staff was very kind, got a amenities kit for the night flight containing: mask, slippers and toothbrush. On the seat at the time of boarding we also found a small bottle of water from Jeju Island.

Immediately after takeoff dinner was served. There were two choices, a western option and a Korean option. To start getting into the mood I chose the Korean dish. On this flight it was Bibimbap with steamed rice and a side of seaweed soup and pickles.

The western option was pasta. As an Italian I refuse to eat pasta on Korean Air :). Also don’t be shy of trying the bibimbap on your flight, it comes with a simple step by step guide on how to enjoy it best. Bibimbab is a rice based dish, prepared with a spicy Korean chilly paste and vegetables. The quality of it is surprisingly good for an economy meal.

Bibimbap for dummies

The cabin crew also comes around serving wine with the meal. They come around twice, once with the hot meal and shortly after for a second round. So if you want two glasses of wine make sure to drink your first glass quickly.

The wine is served from a standard size bottle by the crew, and not in miniature bottles as you’ll see on airlines like Emirates.

And Here’s My Korean Air Bibimbap

The entertainment system is simple to use and has a good variety of games movies and shows to choose from. I didn’t use it too much, because I slept most of the flight between meals.

Breakfast also featured a Korean option but in this case I decided to have a more european meal. My breakfast tray featured scrambled eggs and hash browns. I must say it was very nice. In general the quality of the food on Korean Air really impressed me.

Korean Air Breakfast

At the Airport

Shortly after that, we landed in Incheon International airport which gives immediately a very nice impression. The terminal is clean staff everywhere is polite and it’s easy to make your way from the aircraft to customs and baggage claim. One big difference with italian airports is the incredible silence there is throughout the airport and the ease to find a free wifi connection. 🙂

After we claimed our bags we made our way to the terminal’s meet and greet area. We had to make our own way downtown alone so we chose to take the bus (which are called airport limousines, so if you find yourself confused that’s what those are). The seating on the bus had nothing to do with cramped bus seats in Italy. Plenty of leg room wide very comfortable seats. Excellent value for money and probably the fastest option.

Once Downtown

Before calling it a day we decided to head out to grab a bite to eat. We ended up eating at “School Food” which isn’t a very attractive name to me. The italian schools don’t really entice me to eat, but nonetheless the food was enjoyable and interesting. An interesting mix of flavors between traditional korean and modern cuisine tastes.

Well that’s it for today, we’ll be back tomorrow when we transfer to the southern part of South Korea.

Ciao 🙂

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