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Breakfast Lunch and Supermarket in Changwon

My Wake Up

I woke up to my second day un South Korea with a busy day ahead. I must say I had a very good sleep, after the exhausting day racing around Seoul travelling down to Changwon. The landscape in this southern portion of Korea is very green with many mountains, which wasn’t all that different from Abruzzo (where’s I’m from in Italy).

Korean Breakfast

Before leaving my parents in law’s house I had a cup of tea in this very particularly shaped cup. When closed it looks a bit like a mushroom. Under the lid there is a removeable piece which functions as a filter, where the tea is positioned and placed into the hot water contained in the cup’s main body.

Green Tea for breakfast in Korea

I wasn’t alone at breakfast, I was in the company of my wife her brother and sister and my mother in law. And I experienced for the very first time a home prepared typical Korean breakfast. I am not much of a breakfast person so I didn’t eat much and stuck with my tea. Also I was still a bit jetlagged and didn’t feel like eating too much.

By just being there I realised tycal Korean breakfasts are very similar with british ones. In Italy many families will just have some cookies or biscuits along with their coffee. In South Korea you’ll probably see on the table steamed rice, fish and kimchi along with other food.

My Day Out

After we all had finished our breakfast, it was time for us to get moving. This was a special day, as it was my father in law’s birthday. To celebrate we had lunch at a Chinese/Korean restaurant. Since arriving in Korea I had been surprised by how fast everyone moves and the meal at this restaurant confirmed this first impression I had.

The waiter was really fast taking our orders and serving us the dishes. When I say fast, I mean really fast. I had to eat fast not to see the dish disappear from infront of me :). We all shared two platters of sweet and sour chicken and stir fried squid with vegetables.

As a main dish I had Jajangmyeon noodles. Which is a dish of noodles topped with a very thick bean sauce. It was my first time eating this. It was very nice, just it wasn’t a taste I was really accustomed with, which made it hard for me to finish it all. Its flavour does grow on you if you have it again.

Jajangmyeon in Korea

Also it was my first experience using metal chopsticks. They’re a little bit harder to use if you’re used to using wood chopsticks but I liked them much more. Metal chopsticks are also a more hygenic solution as you can wash them better, even in you home dishwasher. My advice: get yourself a set!

A Quick Visit to The Supermarket

After lunch we stretched our legs. We really need to. Our destination was the nearby supermarket where something cought my attention. As an Italian I’m used to seeing big all pasta aisles, here instead I could see a huge rice section where you can grab 10 kg rice packs. I wonder how long one of them lasts an average Korean family.

Big rice sacks in korean supermarket

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