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My Trips To Korea

As always I start by letting those of you who don’t know that I am married to a Korean. That is why you can find so much Korea-related content on this site.

In this section you’ll find stories and experience from my trips in South Korea.

My first time visiting the country was in 2016, when I travelled over with my wife (before we got married) to meet my parents-in-law.

It was like landing in a new world. Everything was very different from Italy, where I live, but also from many other places I had visited around the world in my experience as a cabin crew.

The first thing that struck me was how fast people moved compared to Italy LOL. But I soon after fell in love with the country and the food.

I just couldn’t get enought Korean food. So you’ll find a lot of references to Korean cuisine and food in my posts.

I hope you enjoy the content and that you come back soon for more!

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My Last 2 Days in Korea

I’ll be condesing my last two days in South Korea in one post, due to a lack of time. I’m already in Australia as I’m writing this post. First of all I must...

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A Morning in Samjeongdong, Seoul

We woke up a little late this morning but we still wanted to make the most of the day. We don’t have much time left here in Seoul, South Korea, but still so...

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Back to Seoul, Out and About

Travelling By KTX Today was my last morning in Changwon before returning to Seoul and eventually moving on to Australia. For our trip back up north the South...

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Visiting A Korean Temple

Today was another busy day, our fifth day in South Korea since arriving on Thursday. We don’t have that much time here in Korea before having to moving...