Cabin Crew Life

Since I was a child I always dreamt of having a career in aviation and for 3 years of my life I did. I worked for that lapse of time as a cabin crew or flight attendant for Emirates Airline. I also took some flying lessons and did my written PPL (Private Pilot License) test.

Now I've moved on in my life but I still have a huge interest in what is going on in aviation. And I thought I'd share in this section the experience I had working as a flight attendant.

This might be particularly useful to you if you're looking with interest to getting a job in this industry. Of course if you have any questions you are more than welcome to leave them in the comments section of any post.

Going back to my experience, during my employment as a cabin crew I worked the first half of my stay as an economy cabin crew and half of my time as a business class crew.

I also forgot to mention that I completed the recruitment process and safety and security training with two airlines: Emirates and Ryanair. I never worked for the Ryanair but if you're looking for information about how the Ryanair recruiting and training works I can give you some hints.