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How to Get From Incheon International Airport to Gimpo Airport?

If you’re planning or have just booked a trip to South Korea and your first stop is not going to be Seoul, you’ll have to connect flights. Make sure to check which airport your connecting flight will depart from. If you’re not aware of it Seoul has two airports: Incheon and Gimpo.

About the Two Airports

Gimpo is Seoul’s old airport, it served the city as it’s only international hub until 2001 when Incheon airport opened. Since then most airlines fly in and out of Incheon International airport and it received several awards for its comfort standards.
Gimpo has not retired entirely yet and still serves Seoul as a domestic and low cost airport. Many Korean Air domestic flights leave out of Gimpo Airport. For instance when I travel down to Gimhae/Busan I always fly out of Gimpo. The airport isn’t the prettiest airport in the world and certainly doesn’t have the comforts of Incheon. So don’t expect too much.

How Long Will I Need To Transfer?

My advice is togive yourself enough time to disembark your previous flight, get through customs (an average of 30 mins, 45 if you have luggage to collect), buy your ticket and make your way to the other airport (anywhere between 50 and 60 mins). So the amount of time can depend from person to person. I wouldn’t go under 3 hours between the arrival and departure times. Personally though I’d probably give myself some extra time.

In both directions you have 3 options to transfer between Incheon and Gimpo Airports: Rail, Bus and Taxi.


This is the cheapest option to move from one airport to the other. The route is operated for AREX (Airport Express) trains so keep an eye out for that name. A one way ticket will cost you:
  • 4,350 KRW if you’re departing/arriving at Incheon Terminal 2 (which is the northern and newest terminal)
  • 3,750 KRW if you’re departing/arriving at Incheon Terminal 1
For those visiting South Korea for the first time 1,000 KRW (South Korean Won) is worth approximately 0.80€ and 0.86$. Make sure to get on the right train. Only the ALL STOP train will stop at Gimpo Airport, while the Express train will only stop in downtown Seoul at the central station.


The second cheapest option is the bus. The fares go from 5,000 KRW (4 Approx Euro) to 7,500 (5.9 Approx Euro), which is very fair for the quality of the busses. Busses are very comfortable, just beware the bus drivers are very efficient and will rush you if needed.
There are two bus companies that cover the route (Airport Limousine and Korean Air) bus lines that connect the two airports are:
  • 6003
  • 6008
  • 6014
  • 6707A (Operated by Korean Air)

The bus connections are very frequent so if you see a bus leave just as you arrive don’t dispare, there’s another one on its way.


Another option is the Taxi and of course it is the most expensive of the three. So unless you’re really tight on time I’d go for one of the previous two alternatives. No need to say just head to the terminal’s Taxi rank and hop on the first available one. Prices will vary depending on traffic conditions.

A Little More About Gimpo Airport

Gimpo is nothing special, very few stores and even fewer restaurants most of which are Korean food restaurants. Also if you have hold luggage to check in the procedure is not the fastest because the airport is a bit old as I previously mentioned. So don’t head over to Gimpo expecting to do some shopping before your flight because you’ll be disappointed.

I hope I answered your questions if not make sure to comment below and I’ll do my best to get you the answer you’re looking for.

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