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How To Get Cheap Flights

Are you travelling on a budget? Not a problem you’ll have your chances to get an affordable flight but it’ll take some work and time. I recently just booked two return flights from Rome Fiumicino for 2. A short haul one to Berlin (Germany) and a long haul one to Seoul (South Korea).

This time it was possible for me to plan well ahed my trips so I played smart. I applied some very simple tricks that helped me save around 500 Euro on this set of 2 return flights.

Step 1: Keep Monitoring

The main thing to do when you have decided your next destination is to understand which airlines serve that location. Once that is done you can pass to the next phase which will be to monitor the airlines that cover that specific destination.

Ways to do this are following the airlines’ social profiles or their newsletter so that you don’t miss out on flash sales that take place. Keep in mind that these can last very little so you have move fast. Just to give the Idea, I decided in 4 hours to buy the flight to Berlin and in 24 hours to buy the one to Seoul.

Easyjet A320 in Berlin Tegel Airport

For instance I almost exclusively travel with Korean Air to Seoul because I collect miles with them that I can use while in Korea. So not to miss out on flash sales I follow them on twitter and I regularly receive their newsletter. I do the same with Alitalia for short range flights in europe. Also I regularly visit their sites to keep an eye out for opportunities. It takes a little work but it can really pay off.

Step 2: Travel Off Peak

To get the cheapest flights you’ll have to take your holiday or go on your trip in off peak periods. Which doesn’t mean you have to travel when the weather is bad or things like that. It simply means that you should avoid the crowded times of the year.

For instance I booked the flight to Berlin the week after the Christmas holidays finish. Airlines will have difficulties to fill the planes after the peak time and will sell flights at a cheaper rate. Similarly it’ll be easy to find good hotel deals.

Korean Air Boeing 787

For my flight to South Korea I’ll be flying in April, when the weather is already pleasant but before the peak of the summer season kicks in.

Skyscanner which has a lot more information than me put it into a chart which shows very clearly how this works. in 2019 January, February and September will be the cheapest month to fly. Of course the fluctuation of prices will vary from a destination to another.

I Don’t Fly Ryan Air

I have one filter in my searches though. Generally I try to avoid as much as possible flying with Ryan Air since they changed their luggage policy. The Irish low cost carrier has almost reduced to 0 the hand luggage you are allowed included in your ticket. Which is the reason why I prefer other carriers.

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