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Back to Seoul, Out and About

Travelling By KTX

Today was my last morning in Changwon before returning to Seoul and eventually moving on to Australia. For our trip back up north the South Korean peninsula we decided to take the train. On our way here we had flown down with Korean Air, this time the train suited our schedule a bit better.
Waiting for the train at Changwon station
I have to be honest I wouldn’t catch the train again on this route, the plane was much more comfortable. For once I could say that in Italy something works better than in Korea. The South Korean KTX high speed train isn’t that fast on the Changwon Seoul route. We took about 3 hours to cover a 300 Km distance. Just to compare in Italy you can cover 650 Km in 2 hours 50 minutes on the high speed trains.

So my piece of advice just spend the extra 20 euro or so and catch a domestic flight which are significantly more comfortable.

Our Evening in Seoul

Once in Seoul after a quick pop in at the apartment to drop off our luggage, we continued sight seeing where we had left of a few days earlier. Our first stop was an important place in my wife’s life, the university she attended when she was a student in Seoul, Ewha University.

The university’s library has a truly unique architecture and has become a landmark that tourists from around the world come to visit.

Ewha Women's University

Time For a Snack

I got a bit peckish during our walk so we stopped on the university campus for a quick Korean snack, a Kimbap, which as usual i greatly enjoyed (as you can see from the photos). We had my favourite Kimbap: Tuna, carrots, egg, yellow radish and lettuce.

Dinner Time

After a little more walking around the university area we made our way to Hongdae (홍대) were we had planned to have dinner. On tonight’s menu was a Korean barbecue. It was absolutely delicious. We had pork belly which was served with kimchi lettuce salt and various sauces on the side. An explosion of flavors. Of course the meal could not be complete without a cold Korean beer.

Our Evening Comes to An End

With dinner over and done with, I though it was time to head back home. But my wife had different plans and decided that it was time for us to do some window shopping in Hongdae. This area is another university area in Seoul and if you’re looking for a place to stay here try out this Airbnb, I enjoyed it a lot.
Streets in Hongdae

Something About The Metro

It is funny to notice when you ride the tube (metro) that every line has a different tune that wrings before every station is announced. Tomorrow will be another busy sightseeing day, we’ll be heading to the Seoul palace.

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