How to Order Coffee in an Italian Bar

Hey guys I’m back again with another blog and vlog post, I’m trying to keep my promise of posting more often! This time I’ll be talking about how to and the different options you have when ordering a coffee in an Italian Bar of Caffe, however you prefer to call them.

I lived abroad several years and one of the things that would drive me nuts the most was, when I used to go a bar or caffe and have so many different options of coffee that would be sold as an Italian traditional drink, just because it had been given a fancy Italian name.

Unfortunately many coffee based drinks that you might be able to order in big American and English coffee chains are not originally Italian. So that’s why I made this video, this is my short and easy guide what you can order at a bar in Italy and the different options that you have.

Most caffes in Italy are small family owned businesses so the options I talk about Β in the video are available at any bar in all the country, and any bar will understand what you are asking for if you follow this simple guide.

A small note that I mention during the video too is that most Italian that really love coffee will tell you that it must be drunk with no sugar, it’s also the healthier option, all that sugar isn’t good for you.

Well that’s enough for this introduction to the video, I hope you all enjoy it, don’t forget to push the like button and subscribe to my channel if you enjoy my videos! πŸ™‚

Ciao and see you soon!Β 

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