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I’m back from South Korea I’ve published anumber of videos/vlogs while there, and now, I’m in the process of completing the editing of the remaining footage. Just in case you haven’t see all the videos, make sure to pass by my YouTube channel and take a look.

Back to this video, it is more of a concept video than a vlog. I wanted to express the feelings that I had while there (both this and the previous time). I wanted to bring you into a dreamlike feeling while visiting some characteristic places of Seoul.

Passing from the tradition markets to the ancient palace to the tuorist modern areas it all felt like a dream in a distant land with which I fell deeply in love with. The contrasts are everywere, especially in Seoul and they are part of the irresistable charm that Korea has.

The video starts in a metro/subway car where I fall asleep, dream about Korea and Seoul. At the end of the video when I finish dreaming, I finally wake up to find out that I’m still in the metro car and about to get off.

I get off and head out of the station to find out that I am still in Korea and that it wasn’t a dream after all.

Let me know your thoughts about the video, if there is anything you like or dislike, Just comment it on Youtube.


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