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A Backwards Trip to Korea

Well I didn’t publish too much about my trip in South Korea, I did publish many videos about the trip on my YouTube Channel though. Time was limited, which meant that I couldn’t write as much as I would have liked to here.

I think I’ll be publishing from now about my trip, looking back at what I did while in South Korea and Seoul.

I wanted to express through this video, the memories this trip left me with, this by starting the video in black and white and gradually make the colors come back to life, as time rewinds and brings me back to Korea

Then I chose some of the nicest scenes that I had taped during the trip. There is a link that connects all the scenes that I chose. No scene was chosen casually there is something connecting each and every one of them to the following and previous scene. Let’s see if you can catch the small details.

I Hope you enjoy the video and to see you again here soon!

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Alex Achille

Ex Cabin Crew with Emirates, I've always loved travelling and other cultures. In this website I'll be sharing my experiences along with my reviews of the latest Korean Dramas and TV Series I've watched.