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Being married to a Korean, South Korea has become the main destination of most of my trips. I have rapidly fallen in love with this country and its culture.

You can see where I’m going with this. I’ll be talking about my trips in Korea and my experiences around the country. Trying to give you some insights on what is worthwhile doing and what is worthwhile tasting.

Also at times there can be a certain language barrier while you’re in South Korea which means that finding your way around with public transport can be challenging at times.

So I think it’s a good idea to give you some tips and advice. So that you know what your best options to move around Seoul and across the country.

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Flying Direct Between Rome and Seoul

For the Seoul to Rome Schedule skip to here. Having family in South Korea, I’ve become quite accustomed to travelling and booking flights between Rome and...

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How To Get Cheap Flights

Are you travelling on a budget? Not a problem you’ll have your chances to get an affordable flight but it’ll take some work and time. I recently...

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A Backwards Trip to Korea

Well I didn’t publish too much about my trip in South Korea, I did publish many videos about the trip on my YouTube Channel though. Time was limited...

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Korean Dreaming

I’m back from South Korea I’ve published anumber of videos/vlogs while there, and now, I’m in the process of completing the editing of the...

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My Last 2 Days in Korea

I’ll be condesing my last two days in South Korea in one post, due to a lack of time. I’m already in Australia as I’m writing this post. First of all I must...

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Back to Seoul, Out and About

Travelling By KTX Today was my last morning in Changwon before returning to Seoul and eventually moving on to Australia. For our trip back up north the South...

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Visiting A Korean Temple

Today was another busy day, our fifth day in South Korea since arriving on Thursday. We don’t have that much time here in Korea before having to moving...