Stranger 2 KDrama Series Review

I had watched the first season of the Stranger (“Secret Forest” in Korea) before I had started talking about Korean TV series here on this blog. So unfortunately I don’t have a review for the first season, instead I’ll start from the second season.

For those who haven’t watched the first season of this KDrama, I’d advise to go through the first season first. It’ll make it easier for you to understand the personality and the complex Hwang Si-mok character.

A Little About The Story

It all starts while the main character (Prosecutor Hwang Si-mok) drives down a foggy beachside road on his way to an event. Here he notices something is not right. He sees the line closing off the beach has been cut, he hesitates but decides to move on. He will later find out that that was the location where 2 young students drowned. The only survivour attracts Si-mok’s attentions as he finds him suspicious. Little does he know that this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Stranger 2 Kdrama initial scene

As Si-mok prepares to move to his new outpost, he receives a call. He’s instructed to return to Seoul and head to the supreme court prosecution office. Here he finds himself in the midst of a dispute between prosecution and police. The police is demanding investigative rights and more autonomy from the prosecution and Hwang Si-mok is to be part of the negotiations table.

Also on the table is Han Yeo-jin. The police officer Si-mok collaborated with in the first season to solve the mysterious kidnapping/murder case. They both start coming across evidence that something is not right in the way the student’s case was closed. Also the sudden kidnapping of a prosecutor that was looking more in depth into the case pushes them to join forces once again. Although they are on opposite sides on the negotiation table, to find out what really happened. With they’re investigation they will uncover a truth that will rock the foundation of both police and prosecution.

My Opinion On Stranger 2

I must be honest enjoyed this second season of Stranger (or “Secret Forest”) a little less than the first one. The main reason for this is that I found the introductury portion of the story was a bit too long. You have to go through quite a few episodes before getting into the real action. So just hang on through the more boring first episodes untill everything really starts moving.

I really loved Cho Seoung-woo’s acting and the Hwang Si-mok character. Somehow his emotionless look is also funny at times. Also his approach that pushes him to find the truth no matter who it might bother, no matter how powerful they may be, will certainly get you routing for him.

Stranger 2 Kdrama poster
Stranger 2 Kdrama poster

Is It Worth Watching Stranger 2?

My answer to that is absolutely yes. Also, if you’re from a western country, it’ll give you an insight of the hierarchy there is in some work places in Korea and how hard it is in some unconfortable work situation to fight against this. As I said at the beginning of this review, I do advise to watch the first season before you delve into this second one.

Where Can I Watch Stranger 2?

As is the case for many Korean TV movies and Series you’ll have to head over to Netflix to get to see Stranger 2 if you are linving outside of Korea.