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As an international (Korean-Italian) couple we obviously go through a lot of Korean food at home. We buy Korean food but also prepare Korean recipes at home.

That’s exactly what we are going to talk about in this section of the Travel The World With Us site. We are going to introduce you to some kinds of food you may not have been aware existed. We will show you what Korean food we prepare at home and how we prepare it.

Which means that we will be sharing with you some simple recipes you can try preparing at home not matter where you are in the world. Why’s that? Simple, because we can’t get a hold of all the Korean products we would like here in Italy so we have had to study and find replacements for those ingredients we couldn’t find in the supermarkets.

Korean Food

We Made Home Made Korean Pajeon

Why I Made Pajeon Those of you that have already had the chance to visit this site before will know my background. I’m an Italian-Australian with an American...