It’s Ok Not To Be Ok Review

It’s Ok Not To Be Ok, is the latest big TV Series release from South Korea to the world. This will be my review, and my opinion wether It’s Ok Not To be Ok is worth watching. Once again a K-Drama series that I have have enjoyed watching was distributed by TVN in Korea.

Let’s Start From The Title

The English title concentrates on a completely different aspect compared to the Korean one. The Korean title, which is “사이코지만 괜찮아”, translates to: even though she’s a psycho it’s ok. The Korean title infact concentrates on the two main caracters and the evolution of their relationship.

Meanwhile the English title concentrates on the underlaying concept of the entire TV series, mental health. Both titles are very on topic but I thought it might be interesting to notice how in South Korea and out the focus when writing the title shift on two different aspects.

The characters of It's ok Not to be ok
The characters of It’s ok Not to be ok

A Quick Introduction To The Story

The story revolves around the the relationship between Moon Gang-Tae and Ko Moon-Young. As their relationship evolves, we come to discover bits and pieces of their past which is deeply linked.

Moon Gang-Tae’s brother (Moon Sang-Tae) suffers from autism and was, in his teenage years, the sole witness to the murder of their mother. The murderer threatened to return to kill Sang-Tae. All that he could remember from that terrifying encounter was a butterfly shape broche the killer was wearing.

Moon Gang-Tae main character of latest K-Drama
Moon Gang-Tae main character of latest K-Drama

Since then that day the brothers ran away from their hometown, and have been on the run. Also Sang-Tae developed a terror of butterflies and every spring the same dream repeats and he moves to another city or town with Gang-Tae. This means that Gang-Tea personal and professional life are always on the sideline to take care of his brother. Until everything changes the day he meets Ko Moon-Young. A child’s fairytale book writer with an antisocial personality disorder and a dark childhood.

I won’t go anymore into detail to avoid spoilering the story. But in short this will help you get started with a bit of context.

It’s More Than Just a Story

I cannot lie, I loved this series. Ok, it’s true I often say it about Korean TV series. But it was a very enjoyable show to watch. It was not only a Korean Drama but a journy of self healing that takes place in sync with the two main caracters.

The show makes you laugh, but at the same time gives you some food for thought. You get to think about how mental issues and mental health is not only what is visibile to the naked eye. Instead there are many other scars down below the suface of each and every one of us.

In this story Moon-Young come to grips with their own inner scars, that have haunted them during their entire existance. I’m sure that if you dive deep into It’s Ok Not To Be Ok you’ll find yourself too coming in touch with something that you feel has been weighing on you subconsciously.

It's ok not to be ok poster
It’s ok not to be ok poster

Where Can I Watch It’s Ok Not To be Ok?

Outside of South Korea the series has aired on Netflix as many other K-Dramas. If you’re looking to dive into the world of Korean produced TV series, make sure to subscribe to Netflix’s services.

The Cast

  • Kim Soo-hyun as Moon Gang-tae the main character. A caregiver at OK Psychiatric Hospital. Although always kind towards patients and others there is a lot below the surface in terms of emotions canned inside.
  • Seo Ye-ji as Ko Moon-young a star in the world of children’s fairytale books. However she suffers from antisocial personality disorder which makes it difficult for her and her to maintain a normal social life.
  • Oh Jung-se as Moon Sang-tae Gang-Tae’s brother who suffers from autism and is a huge fan of Moon-Young.
  • Park Kyu-young as Nam Ju-ri a childhood friend of both Gang-Tae and Moon-Young. She has a huge crush on Gang-Tae, but will she gather the courage to make a move?

Is It Worth Watching?

My overall answer is yes. The episodes are nice and lengthy just the way I like them, in the order of 70 minutes so that you can get a proper emotional connection during every single episode. The episodes are smartly thought, each one has an underlaying tale that relates to the main story unfolding. It’s is simply well thought.

The quality of the shots is very good and the story flows nicely. The whole season is comprised of 16 episodes which means that it will last long enough and not leave you stranded too soon. If this is your first approach to K-Drama I’d say it’s a good point to start from.

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