Is Vincenzo Worth Watching?


In many countries the wait was pretty long before being able to watch this recent Korena drama. But finally it’s the moment review and answer the question: is Vincenzo worth watching?

Not only will this be my personal review, but it will also be my reaction as an Italian watching it. Already from the title it’s easy to understand that the show has a strong Italian twist to it.

What Vincenzo About?

Vincenzo is the story of a Korean born, Italian raised, man that becomes a big shot in the Italian mafia. The drama in fact starts in Italy, noted with a hefty use of CGI. The scenes really filmed in Italy never have Vincenzo close up. I think this was a limitation imposed by the Covid situation.

Following a series events Vincenzo, leaves Italy and returns to Korea to get away from the mafia family fights taking place. However, the main reason for his return to Korea is another. He is returning to finally get his hands on a huge loot of gold hidden under a mall in Seoul.

To get to the gold thought, he’ll have to deal with the building’s tenants which aren’t keen on moving out. Little by little in his effort to get to the gold his interest align more and more with the tenants’ interests.

Also he finds himself fighting against a huge corporation (Babel Group), that to have its own way uses mean that are very similar to those of organised crime groups. So to reach his goals Vincenzo will resort in many instances to the mafia way.

Also the story revolves around the relationship that grows and develops between Vincenzo and Hong Cha-Young. The latter is the daughter of the attorney protecting the mall and its tenants from the evil Babel Group. Initially she works for the Babel Group and her dad teams up with Vincenzo. As the story moves on she will replace her dad and little by little fall for Mr. Vincenzo Cassano.

I won’t go any further to avoid spoilering the story for you.

Vincenzo K-Drama Main Characters Poster

My Reaction as an Italian

My first reaction was to Vincenzo’s Italian and his pronunciation. In the first scenes it is a little weird to hear as he drags on words more than needed, however as the episodes move on his Italian get a little better too. My opinion is that he might have been taking lessons even as Vincenzo was being filmed and got more and more used to speaking it.

The second thing that struck me is how much foul language was included in Vincenzo’s lines when speaking Italian. If you’re not fluent in Italian you wouldn’t realise, however there really was a lot of swearing that even my wife picked up on.

In one of the scenes Vincenzo rejects an Americano (coffee) explaining that in Italy it’s often seen as a low quality drink. That is actually the truth. In Italy most people don’t appreciate at all the Starbucks or Costa’s version of coffee.

I’ll close by saying that Italians were a little stereotyped in the show as the ones that take it slow and always wear suits. I don’t take offence in that. It was just funny to see that that is the way Koreans imagine Italians.

Vincenzo K-Drama Main Character Poster

Is Vincenzo Worth Watching?

My answer, as in many cases of my reviews, is yes. I really enjoyed the series. Don’t take it too seriously and don’t believe everything Vincenzo says about Italy. Just watch it as a comedy that has an Italian twist to it.

The story features serious bits to very funny scenes to alway maintain a light mood that a comedy should have. Also, as the episodes pass you get to know more about Vincenzo’s past and also the story dives deeper in the background of every one of the plaza’s tenants. All I’ll say is that there is more than what meets the eye.

So overall, yes definitely watch it enjoy it and I’ll see you here for the next review.