Is Rugal Worth Watching?

Let’s start from the short and easy answer to the question. If you like action superhero like K-Dramas the answer is what are you waiting for? Go watch it! If this kind of drama, Korean Drama or TV series, mayb you can look for something else to watch. Take a look at the other series I’ve reviewed there might be something you’ll like more.

Rugal KDrama Poster
Rugal KDrama Poster

What is Rugal All About?

Kang Gi-Beom is a policeman, who crosses paths with an evil and ruthless corporation (Argos) which mixes legal with illegal activities.

He crosses paths with them as, Hwang Deuk-Gu the right hand of Argos’s president, murders a group of Gi-Beom’s collegues, including one of his closest friends (Song Mi-Na).

After Mi-Na’s funera he makes his way to an Argos event to confront his friend’s murderer. While confronting Deuk-Gu, Kang Gi-Beom cannot control his emotions and punches the Argos manager in the face. That’s when all the events start rolling.

Next thing we know is that Kang Gi-Beom has been framed and arrested for the murder of his wife. Also as a result of the incident the culprits gouged out his eyes. This is when he meets Choi Geun-Cheol, a high up in the police organization but also head of the secret organization Rugal.

He offers Kang Gi-Beom help to escape from prison, promising him also to get his sight back. Once out of prison Kang Gi-Beom discovers that Rugal is a project that mixes man maned body pieces to create a special investigation unit, created to take down Argos. All the members of Rugal have their own specific reason to bring Argos down.

I won’t go any further to avoid spoilering any of the story.

Is Rugal Good?
Is Rugal Good?

Beware Some Scenes are Very Graphic

If you are not new to Korean movies or TV series, you know what I’m talking about. Particularly in this kind of drama or movies there are always some very graphic scenes. There is blood and very groosom operations particularly on the Argos side of things. So if your stomach isn’t that strong just be careful with these scenes.

Is Rugal a Good Series?
Is Rugal a Good Series?

My Point Of View

I absolutely loved this K-Drama. I’m very into this kind of series, that gets you all worked up in the first part and releases all the tension as the story moves on. In particular this series reminded me quite a bit the emotions I felt while watching “Defendant”. So my take away is two thumbs up for this new Korean Drama. I almost forgot to mention outside of Korea the Drama is available to stream on Netflix.

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