Is Our Beloved Summer Worth Watching?


Today’s post topic is yet another Korean TV Series, or if you prefer K-Drama. Today’s KDrama of the day is Our Beloved Summer and we’ll be answering the question: “is it worth watching?”.

A Little About the Story

The story all revolves around the life of the two main characters: Choi Ung and Kim Yeon-su. The take part in a docu-series in high school which pairs up the best and worst students of the school.

Initially they just keeping getting on each other’s nerves, however as time flows they grow fond of each other until finally they start dating.

Their relationship grows until in an abruptly manner they suddenly break up. However, as always is the case in life, there is more to what happened than what meets the eye.

10 years after their breakup, life and its somewhat mysterious ways brings them to meet once again. The is when their common friend Ji-Ung, who has become a TV producer convinces them to shoot the sequel of the original docu-series they were in 10 years prior.

From then on it is a continuous flow of emotions and background stories that allow us to better understand what made each of the characters become what they are.

our beloved summer main characters Kdrama poster

Is Our Beloved Summer Worth Watching?

I’ll be honest, as usual. I found some parts of Our Beloved Summer very cheesy. For those who are accustomed with Korean TV series, I mean that type of cheesiness that makes expectations towards Korean men particularly high when it comes to relationships.

However, that set aside Our Beloved Summer is not only pleasant to watch but also very interesting. The way this KDrama is shot continuously gives you insights to what the characters are thinking in the most important moments of the story.

Also, another interesting aspect are the back stories of each of the three main characters (Yeon-su, Ji-ung and Ung). The three of them hide below the surface emotional scars from they childhood which they have to overcome as the story unfolds.

This aspect, for me that I am in my 30s, is interesting as it shows how the three struggle and overcome their emotional and psychological issues. Even more how scars from your younger years turn out to have such a huge importance in what you become.

This is not just something that happens in dramas, we all have our own little or big scars and they all are part of what we are.

So after that very long flow of thoughts, my answer to the question: “is Our Beloved Summer with watching?” is yes, it absolutely is. Episodes fly by and there is much food for thought in many of them.

Where To Watch this Kdrama?

For those, who like me, are outside of Korea (for now) the show is available on Netflix. You’ll be able to watch Our Beloved Summer by signing up to one of their subscriptions.

Just a side note, if feels like lately Netflix has really become KDrama central with so many Korean productions being distributed on their platform.

I’ll close with an unrelated note. Keep visiting traveltheworldwith.us as, covid providing, I will be posting much content about my next trip to South Korea.