Is My Mister (나의 아저씨) Worth Watching?

My Mister, or 나의 아저씨 in Korean, is with no doubt in my top 3 favorite kdramas. I must admit I wasn’t expecting much from this TV series, my wife actually chose to watch it. But after just one episode I was hooked, and could not stop watching it.

There are deeper aspects to what meets the eye, regarding the plot. The story puts in contrast the life of the older generation which lived in the most prosperous era of the Korean economy, with the younger generation. A generation when finding a job and making a living is more complicated.

A little about the story.

The whole plot revolves around the lives of the two main characters. Park Dong-hoon, a middle aged structural engineer working in for a large engineering firm, and Lee Ji-an, a young and introvert temporary worker with a very complex past and life. She is alone in the world taking care of her grandmother while paying back her debt to a loan shark that her mother had taken out.

As a result of a name mix up Park Dong-hoon receives a bribe intended to be a trap for a similarly named colleague. The bribe was CEO of the firm who aims to get to the presidency of the company is trying to take out his opponents. Also the same CEO is having an affair with Dong-hoon’s wife and is looking to get rid of him too.

My Mister Korean Drama Poster
My Mister Korean Drama Poster

Ji-an realizes that what Dong-hoon receives is a bribe and sees the opportunity to make some easy money. This is when the two of them get stuck in a game of corporate politics. Ji-an becomes closer with Dong-hoon who helps her out whenever he can. Ji-an is then instructed by the CEO to spy on Dong-hoon in an effort of firing him. She plants a bug in his phone and starts realizing his life is not as easy as might seem.

The two get closer and closer and start opening up to each other uncovering wounds deep inside they mind and soul. As the plot moves on the two go through a healing process they help each other get through, as their relationship evolves into something deeper.

Is My Mister Worth Watching?

Yes it is, if you need a new series to watch, something with a deeper meaning this is what you need to watch. The main aspects this kdrama tackles are the issues of an ultra competitive society as Korea’s, how life can be lonely if you don’t have good friendships to rely on and lastly how times have changed between the economic boom in Korea and modern days for people to live in.

Another thing I appreciated was how the scenes were shot. Every scene is shot very carefully taken so that it passes onto you, the viewer, exactly the feelings and emotions the characters are going through. This is accomplished both by the setting and by using specific camera filming techniques.

My Mister 2 main Characters Lee Ji-an and Park Don-hoon
My Mister 2 main Characters Lee Ji-an and Park Don-hoon

So just to recap if you haven’t watched My Mister yet, make sure to do so. As usual for many korean dramas you’ll need to head over to Netflix to watch it.