Is Move To Heaven Worth Watching?


Back again just a few days after my latest review to talk about a new Kdrama. In the last post we spoke about Mad for Each Other and you can read it following this link. What we’ll be talking about today is Move to Heaven and if this TV series is worth watching.

A Little About The Story

A 20 year old, Han Geu-ru, with Asperger syndrome works with his dad in their family trauma cleanser business. He’s intelligence is out of the ordinary and puts it to use trying to put together the story of the deceased can no longer tell while gathering their last belongings.

Geu-ru’s mom tragically passed away when he was only a boy. Early in Move To Heaven though his dad also passes away as a heart condition he secretly suffered from takes its toll. As a result of this event Geu-ru finds himself alone. This is when the second main character comes into play.

Cho Sang-gu, Geu-ru’s uncles, upon being released from jail receives the news that he has been appointed as the 20 year old’s guardian. Sang-gu, has a complicated and dark past that will make his coexistence with his nephew quite complicated at first as they have to manage to work together in the Moving to Heaven business.

As the two live together Sang-gu, who had fallen out with his brother breaking all ties, comes to grips with his brother’s past and a much different version of what happened to what he had until then believed.

Move To Heaven Poster

Is Move To Heaven Worth Watching?

I often don’t enjoy sad stories as much as comedies but the story behind Move to Heaven is very deep and inspiring. The main message is that everyone has a story to tell. Even if they are no longer on this planet, and everyone’s story is worth listening to.

It’s a TV show that really gets you thinking and very easily emotionally connected with the characters and their situations. That’s why I highly recommend to put this Korean Drama on your next to watch list. I’m sure you will not regret it.

Move to Heaven KDrama Review

Where to Watch Move To Heaven?

As Move To Heaven is a Netflix Original series (entirely produced in Korea) it is only available on Netflix itself. Somehow you can feel that Moving to Heaven was commissioned by Netflix. The story is much more straight to the point as in many instances is the case in Korean productions.

Often Korean TV shows have to be spread out on 16 episodes to fit into the broadcasting schedules and advertising needs. With those two factors out of the way much of the slow scenes are just cut out. That leaves us with a much more dynamic and in turn enjoyable story.

That’s all for today. Make sure to come back for my next review and articles.