Is Mad for Each Other Worth Watching?


I’m back after a period of absence from publishing on the site with a new “is it worth watching” article. Today in particular we’ll be talking about if Mad For Each Other is worth watching.

Is Mad For Each Other is worth watching?

As often is the case in this type of article I’ve written in the past, the answer is yes. The first episode of Mad for Each Other is one of the most funny and entertaining episodes of Korean drama I have ever watched.

Usually Korean tv series take out a big chunk of the first episode to explain the backstory. However, possibly because this was a Netflix production, in Mad for Each Other this isn’t the case and we are introduced to the two main characters with a bang.

We dive straight into their personal problems, which are many. I am absolutely sure that if you watch the first episode you’ll be hooked. No doubt about it.

A Little About The Story

Jung Woo plays Now Hwi-oh a policeman on suspension from duty which is coping with anger issues by attending therapy. By the way, if his name or face wrings a bell, it’s because of his part in Reply 1994. If you wish you can read my review about it here on TTWWU.

The second main character is Lee Min-kyung, former office worker victim of dating violence and revenge porn. She moves to the apartment next to Hwi-oh in an effort of running away from her ex boyfriend’s harassment.

Similarly to her new neighbour, she too attends counselling on her path to recovering from her previous relationship. Her ex released personal images of Min-kyung and had beaten her up a number of times. This caused her to spiral into a state of paranoia and constant fear, for which she needed therapy.

Incidentally both, Hwi-oh and Min-kyung both attend their therapy with the same doctor and that is how they meet and how everything gets moving. After their first encounter, somehow they seem to continuously cross paths.

Min-kyung and Hwi-oh characters of Mad for Each Other

A Slightly Different Episode Length Than Usual

Mad for Each Other aired originally in Korea on Kakao TV, however the length of the episodes somehow feels like it was made to appeal to overseas audiences. In fact, generally Korean drama episode last between an hour and 90 mins. In the case of Mad for Each Other the episodes last between 30 and 40 mins.

This makes it somewhat easier to watch for audiences that might, being at their first drama, feel intimidated by very long episodes. On the other hand, this is also the only downside to this drama, you will end up devouring it extremely fast. My wife and I watched it in two sittings.

Where to Watch Mad for Each Other?

If you live outside of Korea, as I do, your most likely option to be able to watch the show is on Netflix. As is the case with many Korean productions.

So make sure to get your pop corn ready and get comfortable to watch probably one of the best Korean dramas of 2021. I’ll see you next time for a new review.