Is Kingdom 2 Worth Watching?

My overall answer is yes, but. That but is related to two facts.

  1. It would be definitely better for you to watch Kingdom 2 after having watched the first season.
  2. Make sure you are fit to watch this kind of TV Series as it is very graphic at times.

About Point n.1

Kingdom 2 is of course the sequel of the Kingdom which was launched on Netflix over a year ago. If you haven’t seen the first season at times during this second season it can be very difficult to understand what is going on. So if you heard a lot about this KDrama series, you’re curious and eager to dive into it, make sure to watch season 1 first.

Kingdom Zombies Running in one of the Series' Scenes
Kingdom2 Infected People Running in one of the Series’ Scenes

About Point n.2

If you’re new to the world of KDrama and Korean movies you might not know what I’m talking about. Korean Dramas and Movies can be very graphic at times. Particularly in battle scenes or others of that sort. My first korean movie was “Train to Busan” (if you’re not familiar with it search it), and I was a little shocked as my wife didn’t explain exactly what I was in for.

When in Korea we actually had to catch a KTX high speed train it was a really wierd experience. I felt like zombies were going to jump out at any time just like in the movie. But going back to Kingdom 2, make sure it’s your kind of thing to avoid unneccessary schocks :).

What did I think About It

Since watching Kingdom’s first series I’ve gotten more used to watching this kind of KDrama and found myself enjoying it more. As I said it is very graphic. That said the story is incredibly well written and the quality of the shots and the filming in general is outstanding.

One of the Many Dramatic Scenes of Kingdom 2
One of the Many Dramatic Scenes of Kingdom 2

Every scene sets perfectly the mood for what is going to happen. Also unlike the majority of KDramas, this Netflix series isn’t super long. Most KDramas generally are made up of 16 episodes, but Kingdom 2 has only 6. Which from my point of view is a plus.

It means that the story isn’t dragged out more than necessary, by adding scenes and parts to the story just to fill the empty spaces. It also means that you can make your way through the story in a relatively short amount of time. This is also a plus as you can dive into to the story more in depth with no interruptions.

While we were watching the last episodes yesterday evening my wife and I felt the same way. We both thought watching Kingdom 2 in this particular time, with what is going on around the world is a little creepy. So make sure you’re in the right mindset before taking your seat to watch it.

Overall I give it two thumbs up and I reccommend you watch it.

About The Ending (I’m Not Spoilering Anything)

This second season of Kingdom ties up many of the loose ends that were left in the first season. The writers did leave the door open for the possibility of having a third season of this greatly successful KDrama series. There still is no official news wether or not there will in fact be another season released next year. But many seem to be confident there will be.

Where can You Watch it?

As I mentioned a couple of times in the post. This KDrama series was produced and is distributed by Netflix. So head over to their website and register to be able to watch it.