Is Dr Brain Worth Watching?


I was surprised to find that Apple had gone and produced a Korean TV series. Usually most KDramas or Korean TV series are produced or distributed abroad by Netflix. However this was the case with the show we’ll be talking about in this post. Today we will be answering the question: is Dr Brain worth watching?

A Little About The Story

As many TV series released these days coming out of Korea, even this series is a TV adaptation of a web-toon. The main character, Sewon Koh, is a brilliant brain scientist who’s bringing forward some cutting edge research on brain waves.

As a child he had trouble fitting in and expressing his emotions. He goes through a program for gifted children with issues in adapting to society. However he suddenly loses his mother and remains an orphan.

This research aims to make possibile synchronising memories with machines and between people. Which he starts experimenting on himself to try and resolve the mystery of his son’s death and his wife’s attempted murder.

He synchronises with a recently deceased investigator and soon finds out there is much more to his family’s misfortunes than he initially thought and it all has to do with his research.

Is Dr. Brain Worth Watching?

I will be completely honest with you about what I thought about this KDrama when watching it. The first 1, maybe 2, episode is really boring. I barely made it through it.

The story moves so slowly, it is almost painful to watch. But of course you need to watch those first two episodes to have all the background of the story so that you can understand what is going on.

Once you move past this very slow introductory portion of the story things start to move a little faster and it becomes easier to watch.

You can clearly tell the story is based on a web-toon, there are some outright ridiculous parts that give the series almost a comedy feel.

That brings me onto the next point. It’s not quite clear what type of movie you are watching with Dr. Brain. At times it feels like a thriller, in other circumstances it feels like a comedy and in others like a sci-fi movie.

All of that being said, my answer to the question “is Dr. Brain worth watching?” is: maybe not that much. If you want to watch it just for laughs go ahead but it definitely isn’t top of the list of my suggestions.

Little spoiler alert: I just couldn’t stop laughing when Sewon synchronises himself with the memories of his cat and acquires feline abilities.

Sewon Main Character of Dr Brain K-Drama

Where To Watch It

As mentioned at the beginning of the post this is one of the few, maybe the only, Korea Drama produced by Apple TV+. As you might have guessed, yes you can watch Dr. Brain in streaming on Apple TV+.

I’ll close with a curiosity. I noticed how in filming this KDrama the production focused on playing with colours a lot in every scene, in a very Apple way.

Also you’ll notice that all computers, smartphones and tablets are of course, you guessed it, Apple devices.