Is Crash Landing On You Worth Watching?

We’ll be touching base on one of the latest Korean Dramas released, Crash Landing on You. Is it woth watching? What is it all about?

Crash Landing on You: The Plot

The story unfolds in North and South Korea. A business woman (Yoon Se-ri interpreted by Son Ye-jin) as a result of a paragliding accident crash lands into northern territory. There she meets a North Korean army soldier (Ri Jeong-hyuk the army soldier interpreted by Hyun Bin), who finds himself forced to help her out in her efforts to make it back to South Korea.

Crash Landing on You Poster
Crash Landing on You Poster

As events unfold the relationship between Se-ri and Jeong-hyuk grows to something more important. They also discover that their lives had intertwined many times before long before their accidental meeting in North Korea.

Crash Landing on You follows a very KDrama plot structure, with incredible and addictive twist and turns. It’s a romantic commedy so it does get pretty cheesy at times. Also being a commedy some parts are purposely exaggerated.

As most KDramas though it is very entertaining and it is worth watching. The message which lies below the surface is also worth noting. Crash Landing on You makes you think of how two countries so close and similar are yet so distant. Also it aims to overcome prejudicial mindsets that there might about the North. Making people realise that after all people in the north are people as well that might have a lot in comon with South Koreans.

Controversy in South Korea

The series did stir some controversy in South Korea. Where the Liberal Christian Party officially protested against the show’s airing, because it allegedly romanticised the North Korean regime too much. This from their point of view violated South Korean Laws on National security and safety.

Where to Watch Crash Landing on You

The series was distributed and aired in South Korea by TVN between mid December and mid February. Immediately afterwards it was distributed worldwide by Netflix. So if you’re looking forward to watching this Korean TV series make sure to get your subscription active.

Crash Landing on You Train Scene
Crash Landing on You Train Scene

Is it Worth Watching?

My overall answer is: yes. It does get pretty cheesy from time to time but is was an entertaining show which dwells into the topic of lifestyle and society differences between North and South Korea. I watch Kdrama to practice my Korean as I progress in my studies and to get more accustomed to my wife’s country culture. So if this is the case for you too I strongly advise you to watch this show and many other Korean shows which are very entertaining and well produced.