Is All Of Us Are Dead Worth Watching?


Of course a year can’t go by without a K-Drama based on Zombies. It is one of the most classical themes in the segment. Today, in this post, we’ll answer the question is “All of us are Dead” worth watching?

A Little About the Story

The whole plot revolves around the events that take place in Hyosan High School. As happens in many schools there are cases of bullying and one of the victims is the son of science teacher Lee Byeong-chan (played by Kim Byung-chul who you might remember from Skycastle).

Byeong-chan, in the attempt to toughen up his soon creates a virus which gets out of control and ends turning people into zombies. Unfortunately apart from his son he had conducted experiments on a lab mouse at school. A student ends up getting bitten by the mouse and the virus starts spreading like wildfire.

This is when a group of survivors forms lead by:

  • Lee Cheong-san played by Yoon Chan-young
  • Nam On-jo played by Park Ji-hu

The group works evermore in unison to try and survive, while caos reigns supreme outside the school. At the same time the authorities are coming to grips with the situation and trying to work out a solution to stop the spread of the disease.

The group will come more and more together as each other’s survival depends on them working as one team, putting aside all the hard feelings from their past.

all of us are dead main character poster

Is All Of Us Are Dead Worth Watching?

It was an ok watch, nothing great but not even bad. Some scenes are very graphic, so if you can’t hold up well to them this is not the right TV series for you.

We watched “All of Us Are Dead” after having read about criticism towards the series in South Korea. Most of it was directed towards the acting. I can see where that is coming from as I didn’t particularly love how the acting by Yoon Chan-young matched Lee Cheong-san’s character.

At times he feels detached from the situation, as do some other characters too, not really giving the feeling of fear for what is happening all around him/them. Other than that the story flows pretty well. It is easy to find yourself watching multiple episodes at the time.

Where to Watch It

As is the case with many Korean Dramas or TV series, even “All Of Us Are Dead” is available on Netflix. The whole series is divided in 12 episodes. Each episode has a runtime of about 55 mins.