Is #Alive Worth Watching?

It’s been recently released and has been trending in many countries over the past few days. Today we’re going to answer the question: “Is #Alive worth watching?”. First of all this is only partially a Korean production as it is based on the upcoming movie “Alone”. Funny isn’t it the movie it is based on will come out after #Alive came out. Anyhow let’s dive into it and get your question answered.

A Bit About The Plot

#Alive or #살아있다 (saraitda) in Korean, which translates to stay alive or survive, starts off in Seoul where the main character Joon-woo lives with his parents and sister. One morning he waskes up and as usual gets started with his day as he always does. He starts streaming a video gaming session while all his family is out.

alive korean movie poster
alive korean movie poster

That’s when he find out from other gamers that something sinister is happening outside around him. There is a mysterious desease spredding in the city which is transforming people into zombie like creatures that attack each other infecting others through their bites.

Therefore the government, who has lost control of the situation, instructs everyone to stay closed indoors and to make sure to have at least 60 days of food supplies. Supplies which Joon-woo does not have. Now this is when Joon-woo tries to self motivate himself to keep going even though he has little to survive on.

Joon-woo Main Character of Alive
Joon-woo Main Character of Alive

Eventually he can’t take it anymore and decides to end his life. As he is hanging himself a laserbeam comes into the apartment letting him know there is someone else out there. Anda that one is Yoo-bin. The two start talking and they help each other make it throught this crazy situation. I won’t go any further to avoid spoilering the movie. However…

So: Is It Worth Watching?

This one of the first times I find myself in the situation to have to say this. I watched the movie because I was curious (my wife was partifularly) however I wouldn’t watch it again. I didn’t enjoy it that much. The build up that grows until the end of the movie isn’t met by a good enought ending. Also I felt like it was very similar to another Korean zombie movie: “Train to Busan”.

Yoobin Main Character of Alive
Yoobin Main Character of Alive

Differently from “Train to Busan” I couldn’t find a deeper meaning in #Alive. My wife point out to me as in the cast there are many famous actors. However I feel like the acting was good but not much else about the movie. There are quite a few loopholes in the plot. As it’s a movie, and not a TV series, even if you decide to watch it, it won’t take too much time away. So if you’re curious give it a try and ping me to let me know what you thing about it.

Where Can I Watch #Alive?

#Alive is available as many (and when I say many I mean a LOT) other Korean movies and dramas on Netflix, so head over there an get started watching the KDramas I’ve talked about.

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