Is Run On Worth Watching?


So today’s question is “Run On” worth watching? Well let’s start off by talking a little about this recently released on Netflix K-Drama. Don’t worry I won’t be spoilering any parts of the story. Also I’ll give you my honest review about the series and tell you how I watched it.

What is Run On About?

It is a classic Korean Drama based on the romantic relationship between the two main characters:

  • Ki Seon-gyeom (main male character)
  • Oh Mi-joo (main female character)

She’s a movie translator, while he is a successful track and field athlete. As often is the case in Korean Dramas, the two main characters first meet by chance and then fate ensures that their paths cross again.

Also Ki Seon-gyeom dad aims to become president of Korea, and tries to use the members of his family to help himself reach his goal. Little by little Seon-gyeom grows tired of the status quo, particularly as his relationship with Oh Mi-joo develops and she helps him express his emotions that until then he had kept bottled inside.

Furthermore Oh Mi-joo helps Seon-gyeom understand that he is in control of his own life. This makes him come to grips with eventually retiring from his sprinter career and pursue something he enjoys more as being an agent. This time building up his new line of business from scratch facing all the difficulties of a rookie.

As the episodes move on the story goes more and more towards a final showdown between Ki Seon-gyeom and his dad.

Run On K-Drama Poster

Is “Run On” Worth Watching

If you are looking for a light easy to watch K-Drama, it is absolutely worth watching. If instead you are looking something on the same line as Rugal or Vagabond maybe look for something else.

Run On's Main Characters

How I Watched “Run On”

I really took my time watching “Run On”. I watched it in my spare time without rushing at all. There aren’t really any huge climaxing moments in the drama which leave you hanging, so it’s really a feel good K-Drama. Just watch it as something to fill in your dull moments. Alternatively watch it to pick up your spirit when you are feeling a little blue.

As almost all the Korean TV shows I watch you’ll need to log in to Netflix to watch “Run On”.

Where Have You Seen The Actors Before?

Park Yeong-gyu who plays Ki Jung-do, Sean-gyeom’s dad in Run On, also featured in Good Manager. A super funny and light Korean Drama I strongly advise you to watch for a laugh.

Instead the male lead actor Im Si-wan was the main actor also in Misaeng. Misaeng was the TV show that launched his career as an actor and also one of the first that I watched.