Graceful Friends is it Worth Watching?

And I’m back with a new review of one of South Korea’s latest TV series productions. Today we’re going to answer the question: is “Graceful Friends” worth watching? And what is this K-Drama about? In a nutshell I’d say Graceful Friends not so graceful plot.

A Little About The Story

Graceful Friends is the story of a group of 5 friends: An Gong-chul, Jung Jae-hoon, Jo Hyung-woo, Cheon Man-shik, Park Choon-bok. Their friendship has a distant origin, they have been friends since their high school years, however there seems to be much hidden beneath the surface.

Graceful Friends Poster
Graceful Friends Poster

The first episode introduces us to the life of each character and their friendship. They are all married except Jae-hoon who’s divorced. Things start going sour when one of the friends, Man-shik, dies, and Gong-chul’s wife gets into a terrible situation when her drink gets spiked while at a bar and then she’s blackmailed for some pictures taken of her. Then suddenly a mysterious friend (Baek Hae-sook) comes back after years of absence from the group. She had disappeared after a murder case that involved the group while in high-school.

This is when we start understanding that the whole plot travels on two parallel paths. One in the past and the other in the present, and that there might be a dark plot against Gong-chul and his wife. Someone is plotting against them to get them to split up. All this situation will bring out a lot of resentment among the friends. We will slowly uncover the truth about the dark plot and the murder case in the past.

The Intro Makes No Sense

One thing that will immediately stand out, is that the intro makes absolutely no sense. It shows the group of friends having fun together with not a worry in the world, while the plot is much darker than that. Really didn’t understand why they chose that kind of intro to this type of K-Drama series.

My Opinion About The Story

I’m not kidding, I devoured the first 6 episodes. Although there are some minor loopholes, the story is well written and has a great potential to keep you hooked. However it all falls a bit apart in the second half of the drama.

Graceful Friends Male Characters
Graceful Friends Male Characters

I felt like they stretched out the episodes a little too much to reach that typical 16-17 episode mark. The second half of the episodes didn’t match up to the tempo of the first 8. It just felt like that they had to slow down the pace not to finish the story in less episodes. This is also when they start abusing of singing flash backs in the drama. In the second half of Graceful Friends there are too many singing scenes they use to flash back to the past which last way too long. They don’t add much to the story either, so they don’t make a great deal of sense.

The ending also wasn’t as good as I expected. It felt like some lose ends were wrapped up a bit in a clumsy way just to have an ending, and not to complete the story. It was a bit of a pity as I thought as I had great expectation after the first few episodes.

I did love the double track story though. The way the events in present time help understand what happened in the past of the group is very nicely done.

Graceful Friends Episode 2
Graceful Friends Episode 2

Is Graceful Friends Worth Watching?

My opinion is if you don’t have anything in particular to watch right now give it a try. The first episodes, as I said, will provide a good few hours of entertainment. Then prepare to skip forwardo often and to get a little bit more bored. Most of the events happen from episode 1 to about 8 and then from episode 14 to 17.

I think what I have said about this K-Drama also reflect what the audience share rating say. They never really picked up in Korea while the series was aired. They improved until episode 10 and then went back down only to come back up in the last episodes. Numbers never lie.



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So that’s my opinion of Graceful Friends. Let me know your thought about it if you’ve watched it too.

I think I’ll be reviewing next “The Good Detective”.


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