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K-Drama How I got Started

First of all you must know that I am married to a Korean. For years I have been studying Korean (not always super intensely) to be able to better communicate with her family.

I had started with books then audiobooks, that I would listen during my work commute, and eventualy I moved onto TV Series. I got started with TV series in late 2019.

I had signed up to Netflix during the Christmas season to watch some movies and stumbled upon Korean production. That’s when it all started. Since then I’m hooked.

My first K-Drama was Designated Survivor (the Korean Version), and then I moved onto Vagabond. Just a little later the Covid-19 lockdown took place in Italy which exponentially increased my consumption of Korean Dramas.

That’s when I decided to start writing my two cents about the TV series I have watched and sharing it with you. Make sure to come back regularly for the latest updates on what I have watched and my thoughts about it.

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