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How Many Cabin Crew Are There On Each Flight?

How many cabin crew operate on each flight? Sounds like a pretty dumb and simple question doesn’t it? Truth is it isn’t all that simple to answer, because there are many factors to take into account when manning an aircraft.

How Many Cabin Crew On Each Plane?

We can start by saying what is the minimum number of crew you can find on a flight. Generally, on jet liners, you’ll see a minimum of 1 crew per aircraft door. So for instance, if your flying in Europe on Ryan Air (the European low cost carrier) they fly an all 737 fleet, which means you’ll have 4 cabin crew members.
But that way of manning the aircraft is common mainly to low cost carriers, which don’t have a full service during the flight. Full service airlines will man the aircrafts with more crew members than needed to cover the doors. They need those extra crew for the service or even operational limitation reasons.
Let’s take as an example an Emirates 777-300, how many cabin crew members are there on that kind of plane? The answer is from a minimum of 14 to a maximum of 16. With the highest number of crew us placed on the ultra long haul flights where the flight attendants take it in turn to take their rest time. An A330 will generally have between 12 and 14 crew members.
Obviously a bigger aircraft will need more crew. For instance an Emirates A380 will need 24 crew members to operate at its full potential with a full cabin of passengers. The smallest turboprops in some cases only have the two pilots in some rare, very rare, cases and no cabin crew.

So as you can see from this post there is not an exact number, it varies from type of airline, type of aircraft and type of route to operate on.

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