The bar for Italians is a very special place. Almost every Italian has their own favourite bar where they go get a coffee. We often know the bartender by name and he usually knows what we prefer. It more than just about the coffee, you go have a chat have your coffee and enjoy a moment of relaxation.

To be totally honest with you, I’ve cut down on the amount of coffee I drink. I might have the odd one here and there during the week, but I do still go to the bar. My wife is a real coffee lover so much so that you’d think she’s Italian (when she’s actually Korean). So when we forget to buy milk the backup plan is, of course, the bar downstairs.

I usually go, and by now the bartenders know exactly what I want when I go in. It’s a familiar atmosphere that makes you immediately comfortable.

Morning at The Bar

For many Italians it is also where you have breakfast, maybe not every day but often. The most common orders in the morning are “caffè e cornetto” or “cappuccino e cornetto”, which is coffee and a croissant or a cappuccino and croissant. The price is usually quite low compared to other countries a “caffè e cornetto” will vary between 1,80 euro and 2,00 euro and a “cappuccino e cornetto” will vary between 2,00 euro and 2,40 euro depending in which part of the country and which city you are in.

It is common to find news papars available too so that you can catch up with the latest events and sport news before heading off to a busy day of work. A note not so well know by foreigners, cappuccino is generally something that Italians have in the morning. It’s not very common to hear orders for cappuccinos in the evening or after dinner. After dinner we usually stick to espresso which we just call “caffè” coffee.

Lunch Time at The Bar

If you’re in a hurry around lunch time, the Bar might be once again a great option to get something to eat on the fly. You won’t find a great selection, but most bars offer a selection of what we call “Tramezzini”. These are triangular sandwiches in soft white bread with various fillings. The most classic one is “Prosciutto Cotto e Formaggio” boiled ham and cheese, however many different garnishes are available and they can vary greatly between regions in Italy.

Evening at The Bar

In ve evening the bar becomes the meeting place for friends, particularly on the weekend, when it becomes the home of the Italian aperitivo. People will meet up before dinner to have a drink before their supper, enjoying a Spritz, a glass of wine or a beer.

Rounding It Up

As you can see the Italian bar changes character and function many times across the length of the day. Of course this cycle repeats itself for 365 days every year.