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I have travelled many places around the world, but Italy is still my home. I was born here and lived here most of my life. So I’ll be giving you some travel tips of how to make your trip in Italy as easy as possible.

How to get from the main airports to Rome, Milan and Venice. Also which are the best places to visit in Italy but most importantly of all what to be aware of while here.

Italy is a great place to visit but moving around the country is often not all that straight forward. So I’ll try to help you out in organizing you next trip.

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Life in Shut Down Italy

I’m sure that wherever you might be in the world, you must have seen on the news that Italy is currently in shutdown. Unfortunately this is involving me...

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The Italian Bar Experience

The bar for Italians is a very special place. Almost every Italian has their own favourite bar where they go get a coffee. We often know the bartender by name...