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How To Get From Fiumicino and Ciampino Airport to Rome

If you’re flying into Rome soon it’s good to get an idea of what are your options to make your way from the airports to the city. Depending on the airport you arrive in your options to reach the city center will be different. In this post we’ll cover your options to get to Rome’s city center from both Fiumicino and Ciampino airports.

How to Get From The Rome’s Airport To The City?

There are 4 ways that can get you from Rome’s two international airports to the city. In descending order of price:

  • NCC
  • Taxi
  • Train
  • Bus

Rome Fiumicino Airport Seen from the Plane


NCC (Noleggio Con Conducente) are car rentals with driver (very similar to an Uber service). These are not the official city taxies and tend to get pricy very easily.

Usually the drivers will hang out around the arrivals area at the terminal looking for clients. So be careful before getting into a car, if it doesn’t have the taxi sign on the hood it’s an NCC. In that case make sure you have a clear deal on the price or gently decline their services.

Taxi Service From Rome’s Airports to The City

Taxi: These are Rome’s official taxies and they have a fixed rate from and to Fiumicino and Ciampino airport, no surprises. The price should be 48€ each way from Fiumicino, the furthest of the two airports. So if you’re going to split it with another 3 people this could be a fast way to get downtown at a reasonable price.

Getting into Rome With a Taxi From Fiumicino or Ciampino Airports

Trains from Fiumicino to Rome

Train: This will be an option only if you are flying into Fiumicino International Airport. Ciampino doesn’t have an airport train station allowing convenient transfers from your flight.

Fiumicino has a train station inside the airport, accessible via a covered walkway from all of the terminals. You’ll be able to hop on both local and long distance trains.

However there are two options to get downtown by train:

  • The Leonardo Express
  • The Regular train service

The Leonardo Express: Connects in about 30 minutes Rome Fiumicino Airport to Termini station in the city. Termini is the city’s biggest and busiest train station and serves the downtown area. A one way ticket costs around 15€.

The Regular Train Service: connects the airport to Rome’s Tiburtina station, which serves the east area of the city. Many high speed trains depart from this station so if you’re connecting make sure to check which station is on your ticket. Both lines are operated by the state owned Trenitalia.

Termini station in Rome Italy


The Bus: This is without any doubt the cheapest option but, in my opinion it’s also the most uncomfortable. The busses are often not extremely clean and at certain times traffic in Rome can become mayhem. The tickets are generally cheaper than the the train and can go as low as 5€. But unless you’re on a really tight budget I’d choose a different transport. You can look up the Terravision line for tickets.

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