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Preparing For My Weekend in Berlin

I had mentioned a couple of months ago that I had booked my wife and I a weekend in Berlin. I took advantage of the some really cheap deals on the flight, the hotel room and the airport parking. It was a really lucky deal and I didn’t let it get away.

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I’ll be leaving tomorrow morning and I’m preparing the last few things before leaving. I’ll be, of course, publishing posts on what I did and ate during my little holiday in Germany. It will be the first time for my wife to visit Berlin, I have already been there over 10 years ago on a school trip. So I kind of feel like it is a first time for me too, you don’t pay that much attention when you’re a high school student. I’m really looking forward to it.

Booking The Trip to Berlin

So let me go over what I did and how i did it when booking my flight, hotel and transport for my little getaway in Berlin, Germany.

Getting a Good Deal On the Flight

But before leaving for the trip, let’s talk about what I did to book this trip. There might be some information that can be helpful for your next travels. I booked my flight well in advance. I had been monitoring several airlines for good deals and as soon as I found one for a destination I liked I booked it.

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Booking a Hotel in Berlin

Because I’m very flexible on my travel dates because of my job, I was able to book for after the holiday season. this means the prices were significantly lower than during te Christmas high season. Because hotels have trouble filling their rooms in this time of the year I found a good deal for our room too.


Also I booked in advance the airport car parking. This is something I did very few times, but it might be something useful to you too. I always thought that airport parking areas were very pricy, but that is the case if you park without pre-booking. Prices are significantly lower if you bookin in advance. I spent 21 euro for 2 days and 13 hours of parking at Rome Fiumicino Airport. I’m not talking about the long term parking, which is far from the airport, but about the airport parking itself.

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