About The Airport

I absolutely loved staying in Berlin 2 days, but if there is one thing I wasn’t impressed about it must be the airport. We flew into Berlin’s Tegel Airport, which is in the northern suburbs of the German capital. It is not a pretty airport and it isn’t at all adeguate to a city as Berlin.

Berlin Tegel Airport on Arrival

The situation isn’t much better at Schönefeld, Berlin’s other airport. Within the upcoming year and a half the new, better equipped and more modern airport should open. Once this new ariport comes into service I’m sure the situation will improve significantly.

Getting From Tegel to Berlin

Schönefeld has a train station that offers a direct train service to the city, which is quite convenient. Unfortunately Tegel is not that lucky, but it’s still pretty easy to get into town. There is a direct bus service connecting the Airport to Berlin’s main train station (TXL Service).

We didn’t use this connection though as it wasn’t the most convenient for us. Because we were staying in the immediate proximities of Checkpoint Charlie we preferred taking a combination of bus and underground. We took bus line 128 until “U Kurt-Schumacher-Platz” and then the U6 line directly to the Chepoint Charlie area.

Buying Public Transport Tickets

As you get to the bust stop area in Tegel Airport you’ll find automatic a number of yellow colored ticket machines. Use those to get your tickets. If you’re going to riding the public transport system a lot during the same day you might want to opt for a day ticket.

A single trip ticket will cost you 2,90 Euro for zones A and B, which also includes transport from and to Tegel Airport. The single trip ticket has a 2 hour validity. A day ticket instead will cost you 8.60 € and will grant you access to the U-Bahn (The underground), the S-Bahn (Surface Rail), Trams and Busses. In my opinion this is a pretty good deal and you can get virtually anywhere in the city with the public transport service.

Make sure to validate your ticket before getting on any public transport. You will never come across any ticket checking barriers in Berlin, the whole system trust that all users are holding a ticket when using the service. You’ll find the validating machines at all stations, so you have no excuses.

Berlin Ticket Validating Machines

Once we arrived into town we got started with our looking around. But we’ll continue in our next posts talking about everything.

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