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3 Days in Berlin. This is the title of this trip. I hadn’t really planned this trip but when the chance arose, with some really good flight offers from Rome, I siezed the opportunity.

My wife and I flew north to Berlin from Rome in January 2020, to start the new year, and this is the story of our visit in the German capital city.

My last 24 Hours in Berlin

Our second day in Berlin was a really busy one, we covered a distance of over 10 km walking. We were running around the city from one end to the other to see as many...

Our First 24 Hours in Berlin

Our flight into Tegel Airport was early and our trip from the airport itself into town took less than anticipated. This meant that we had some time to kill before check...

Arriving in Berlin

About The Airport I absolutely loved staying in Berlin 2 days, but if there is one thing I wasn’t impressed about it must be the airport. We flew into...