Milan might be the place to be when it comes to shopping or fashions shows, but the beating heart of Italy, where you can breathe history and and experience what Italy is all about, is without any doubt Rome. My advice if you don’t have much time but wan to experience Italy as much as possible in the shortest time is, land either in Rome or Venice (many airlines service the city’s Marco Polo Airport even with intercontinental services) and make your way up or down stopping by in Florence (Firenze in Italian).

If you land in Rome you’ll arrive in either Ciampino or Fiumicino airport, you’ll have a couple of options to make your way into the city, Taxi (but make sure to take only the official authorised ones) a one way trip will cost 30 Euro from Ciampino and 40 from Fiumicino, the bus is the cheapest way (Terravision is one of the bus lines), the last option only for those arriving in Fiumicino is the train, make sure to catch the Leonardo Express, the ride is around 35 minutes to Roma Termini (the main station of the city) and costs 15 Euro.

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Bin and I had to take care of some business in Rome and once all was taken care of we decided to just enjoy a walk in the city center. Although we are well into autumn the weather was beautiful and warm as it often is in Rome (don’t dress to heavily in this time of the year or you’ll be sweating a lot!).

We didn’t really have anywhere specific we needed to go but it was really enjoyable anyway, our walk started from Largo di Torre Argentina where we got off the bus and just across the street you can find ancient roman age ruins.

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Largo di Torre Argentina Roman Ruins


From there we made our way down the Corso Vittorio Emanuele II and stopped at a fabric store just to take a look around, and it was surprising how big the store was hiding behind a small entrance door, it was really incredible.

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From there we came a across a beautiful small market in a pizza off Via dei Baullari (If you wish to see markets like this one your best shot is to try on Saturday mornings as they almost exclusively take place on this day). It was a beautiful game of light and colours, I hope the photos and videos express it well.

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From the market we made our way towards the Vatican where we reached a stop of the Metro (Underground) A line to start making our way back home.

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