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I’m an Ex Emirates Cabin Crew, I’ve now moved onto a different business but I still want to share with you my experience. Starting from how I got my job as a cabin crew and why I left the job.

There is a lot more than meets the eye about flight attendants. What you see as a passenger on your flight is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many stories behind every crew member, from how they got the job to how they live this extravagant lifestyle and how they cope with it.

Also I’ll be talking about what life is like what do you do and how you prepare for work and flights. What are the duties of a cabin crew and what are the struggles of such a peculiar lifestyle.

For all of you that have never been a cabin crew or flight crew in your life you must know that habits and lifestyle change drastically when you enter the aviation industry. The world becomes a much smaller place than what it seemed before. I’m sure this will be an interesting insight to a completely different way of seeing aviation and traveling.


Why I left Emirates

Let’s go straight to the point and answer the question: “Why did I leave my job at Emirates?” It’s not just one factor that brought me...