The Order

Less than a week ago in the Dubai Airshow Emirates Airlines have announced another 2 massive aircraft orders. The Dubai based airline has announced it has placed orders for 30 787-9 (worth 8.8 billion $) and 50 A350s (worth 16 billion $).
These ultra fuel efficient aircrafts will be the future backbone of the Emirates fleet. We talked about this in a recent article and airlines around the world are placing orders for 787s A350s and 777Xs. Emirates is no exception. The UAE carrier will slowly see its number of A380s decrease as the oldest ones will be decommissioned and replaced with these new gen planes.

What Does This Imply?

These new aircraft will give the Emirates fleet grater flexibility. The A380s can only serve a limited number of airports and aren’t the most fuel efficient planes. The A350 and 787s will allow to serve more airports, both in the middle eastern region and across the globe. Also the airline will probably look to increase its profits on these flights increasing the load factor and taking advantage of the fuel saving characteristics of the aircrafts.
With the A350s the airline mentioned that, with this aircraft type, there is the possibility of the introduction of a premium economy cabin. This is something that many airlines are doing with the new deliveries of A350s and 787s. This allows to increase revenue on flights by adding another premium cabin.

The return of the Airbus

This huge airbus order seals the return of single deck european made wide bodied airliners to the Emirates fleet. Emirates in fact has retired all of its older generation A330s and A340s which were previously in its fleet. The airlne at the moment operates an all A380 and 777 fleet and is the biggest operator worldwide of these two aircraft types.
Emirates Airline Boeing 777 on Final Approach
Right now Emirates counts 158 777 in the 300ER, 200 and 200 ULR versions. Emirates with its 113 Airbus A380 is, as we said, also the biggest world operator the superjumbo.

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