Aircraft Manufacturer Boeing

If we have modern aviation in the form we know it today, it is much thanks to the research and development American manufacturer Boeing brought forward over the years and decades. In this page you'll find articles, posts and analyses regarding Boeing directly or news regarding aircraft they have produced operation for airlines across the world.


About Boeing

Boeing Airplane Company's birth dates back over 105 years when William E. Boeing founded the company in 1916. However in it's first year of activity the company was known under the name of Pacific Airplane Company.

The manufacturer since its foundation has gone on to produce some of the most successful airplanes in aviation history. Some of which have become true icons of the industry.

Although de Havilland was the first western manufacturer to produce a pressurise jet propelled plane, Boeing was the first to truly master the new technology applying it to its much more modern Boeing 707.

The launch of the Boeing 707 was the moment the manufacturer truly changed the world of aviation. Making the world smaller as the new airliner was capable of connecting in a fraction of the time cities previously served by piston aircraft.

Without a doubt though the most iconic Boeing airplane is the 747, nicknamed "The Queen of the Skies". The plane with its iconic hump truly made air travel available to the masses and opened a new era of aviation and tourism.

Other aircraft the manufacturer produced over the last century include:

  • 737
  • 757
  • 717
  • 727
  • 767
  • 777
  • 787