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Which Airlines Use The Airbus A380?

No other airliner changed the standards of comfort for passengers as the Airbus A380 has done. The amount of space available to work with, particularly in premium cabins, allowed airlines to really get creative with their interiors. Some feature showers, some private apartments. Unfortunately though the plane hasn’t been commercially viable for many airlines. This means that only a small group of carriers use this plane type. Let’s find out which they are.

Which Airlines Fly the Airbus A380?

This exclusive club of airlines that operate this unique aircraft is a very small one. Only 10 carriers around the world fly the enormous Airbus A380.

  • China Southern Airlines (China)
  • ANA (Japan)
  • Asiana Airlines (South Korea)
  • Lufthansa (Germany)
  • Qatar Airways (Qatar)
  • Korean Air (South Korea)
  • Qantas (Australia)
  • British Airways (United Kingdom)
  • Singapore Airlines (Singapore)
  • Emirates (UAE)

Before the global pandemic there was one more airline flying the A380 which no longer does. Air France in the wake of covid decided to let go of the type replacing it with more efficient Airbus A350s.

As the plane is no longer in production all of these airlines are in the process or have a plan to gradually phase out their A380s. It’s inevitable that it will slowly disappear from the skies.

However only 1 of these was able to harness the true potential of this aircraft like no other, as you’ll see below.

Which Airline has the most Airbus A380

Which Airline Has The Most A380s?

The only airline capable of making the mighty Airbus work on economies of scale is Emirates. The middle easter airline flies to many high capacity high demand destinations capable of accommodating and filling all of its seats.

Specifically Emirates has 119 A380s in its fleet, making it the largest user of the type in the world. Here are the A380s owned by the other airlines around the world:

  • 15 Singapore Airlines
  • 12 British Airways
  • 11 Qantas
  • 10 Korean Air
  • 10 Qatar Airways
  • 8 Lufthansa
  • 6 Asiana Airlines
  • 3 ANA
  • 3 China Southern Airlines

If you haven’t experienced flying on an A380 I suggest you try to do so as long as they are still very common to be seen on many routes around the globe.

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