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The Emirates A380s May Return if Vaccine is Found

Might the Mighty A380 Return After Covid?

Emirates Airlines A380
Emirates Airlines A380

The largest Airbus A380 in the world has not ruled out a possible return of the superjumbo. The spokesperson of Emirates airline has given the hint that they are still evaluating what state the world will be in before making a final decision.

Emirates is the only airline in the world to have made the A380 truly work and turn a profit. They’re secret formula has to do mainly with their hub’s position that allows them to operate a Hub and Spoke route model. In this model the A380, combined with high load factors, is king.

Emirates A380 Aircraft Seen From Below
Emirates A380 Aircraft Seen From Below

However the Covid-19 world pandemic has put in jeopardy the future of the largest commercial airliner. Most of us, myself included, thought that this would spell the end of the aircraft’s history. This doesn not see to be the case, just yet at least.

The UAE based will mantain grounded its A380 fleet for the time being. However they will evaluate if a vaccine is found soon enough to make people more likely to start travelling again. If a vaccine were to be found the passenger volumes might get growing fast enough to make A380 flights viable again.

What About The Other Orders?

Emirates Airlne Boeing 777 on Final Approach
Emirates Airlne Boeing 777 on Final Approach

Also the airline is likely to try and renegotiate or reschedule its aircraft orders which are due for delivery. Emirates, as of june 2020, has a total of 203 aircrat on order from Airbus and Boeing.

  • 58 From Airbus (A380s and A350s)
  • 145 From Boeing (777Xs and 787s)

As many countries start to re-open their borders, particularly here in Europe passenger numbers are sure to start increasing again. However I’m pretty confident that we’ll still have to wait several months to truly assess what the aviation industry situation is going to look like. Furthermore the pickup in passenger numbers, as the world’s economy, would get a great boost if a vaccine were to be found.

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