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ITA Airways Presents Its New Safety Video

A little more than a year after its launch the Italian flag carrier ITA Airways finally presents it all new safety video. It is quite unique video. Let’s find out why and what it looks like.

About the New ITA Airways Safety Video

The reason that makes this quite a unique safety video is the theme the airline chose. We have seen singers actors and much more in other airlines’ safety videos, however the Italian airline opted a sports theme.

The safety video was taped in collaboration with CONI which is the Italian Olympic Committee. Thanks to the collaboration the video features many Olympic medalists spanning across many disciplines such as:

  • Track and field
  • Swimming
  • Rowing
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Skiing
  • Many others

The most special presence of them all however is Roberto Baggio. The ex Italian footballer and Ballon d’Or winner also had one of ITA Airways’ aircraft named after him.

A Renovated Image

The launch of this new safety video is a further step in the direction of moving away from the old Alitalia’s image. The Italian airline is working hard to renovate its fleet and feel since taking over operations from the old flag carrier.

The video has a fresher younger vibe to what we would have associated with the old Alitalia. Also we get glimpses of the new vivid blue aircraft livery in the video too.

As talks are still ongoing for a possibile sale of the airline by the Italian government, the carrier is still moving forward in receiving new aircrafts and opening new routes.

Only time will tell if ITA Airways will have a more profitable and fortunate story than its predecessor in recent years. What is certain is that both the Christmas season and next summer will be crucial for further success of this new airline.

ITA Airways' new safety video

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