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ITA Airways Increases its Domestic Rome Turin Flights

ITA Airways after announcing the start of operations between its Rome Fiumicino Hub and Tokyo Haneda, announces that it is ready to increase its stronghold on a key domestic flight. The Italian airline, which just recently celebrated 1 year of operations, is set to increase the flight frequency between Rome Fiumicino and Turin Caselle. Here’s what the news is all about.

How Will The ITA Airways Rome Turin Flight Frequency Increase?

ITA Airways until now has operated a 3 times daily connection from Rome Fiumicino to Turin and back. That sums up to 21 return flights weekly.

Starting December 1st 2022, the daily flights are going up to 5. Which sums up to a weekly grand total of 35 connections. Here’s the detail of the ITA Airways flights after this sector update:

Rome to Turin

  • AZ1421 departing Rome at 9:10 arriving in Turin at 10:25
  • AZ1417 departing Rome at 13:15 arriving in Turin at 14:30 New Flight
  • AZ1435 departing Rome at 17:20 arriving in Turin at 18:35
  • AZ1423 departing Rome at 19:25 arriving in Turin at 20:40 New Flight
  • AZ1431 departing Rome at 21:25 arriving in Turin at 22:40

Turin to Rome

  • AZ1432 departing Rome alle 7:00 e arrivo a Torino alle 08:15
  • AZ1412 departing Rome alle 11:10 e arrivo a Torino alle 12:25
  • AZ1428 departing Rome alle 15:15 e arrivo a Torino alle 16:30 New Flight
  • AZ1430 departing Rome alle 19:30 e arrivo a Torino alle 20:45
  • AZ1416 departing Rome alle 21:25 e arrivo a Torino alle 22:40 New Flight

ITA Airways Increases its Domestic Rome Turin Flights

Which Aircraft Type Will Be Used On The Rome Turin Route?

The aircrafts chosen from the ITA Airways fleet are the Airbus A320 and A319. We won’t be seeing the brand new A220 operating this route for now unfortunately.

The Advantages of The Extra Flights for Passengers

Perks for passengers of the extra flights between Roma and Turin are mainly 2:

  1. A greater flexibility for frequent flyers to travel between Rome and Turin on a round trip in the same day. This will make the route even more appealing for business travellers which might need to attend meetings in one of the two cities.
  2. Passengers departing from Turin will have a wider scope of connecting flight they can access in ITA’s main hub of Rome having more flights in and out of Italy’s former capital city Turin.

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