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Emirates Resumes A380 Flights to a Number of European Destinations

Thankfully many airlines are forecasting significant growth in passenger figures also for 2023. This translates to the need to increase either frequency or capacity for airlines. Emirates is taking the latter of these two approaches for a number of European destinations in its network for 2023. Here are the details about these new operational changes for 2023.

Emirates Bringing Back The A380 To Three European Destinations

Three destinations will be seeing the massive Emirates Airbus A380 return in 2023. They are:

  • Glasgow (UK)
  • Nice (France)
  • Birmingham (UK)

The middle eastern carrier anticipating higher demand for the coming months has planned ahead to increase available seats on these European destinations.

At the moment Glasgow, Nice and Birmingham are all served by Emirates’ Boeing 777s which are also high capacity planes. However the re-introduction of the A380 will be a significant capacity upgrade on these routes.

Emirates brings back the A380 to a selection of European destinations

When Will The A380 Services Resume?

Although all 3 these destinations will see the A380 return during the year, it will happen in different dates of 2023:

  • Glasgow will be the first to see the A380 return on March 26th 2023.
  • Nice will follow with the super jumbo returning on June 1st 2023.
  • Birmingham on the other hand will have to wait until July 1st to have an Emirates A380 service.

It is likely that even on these routes we’ll see more and more refurbished A380 fly, as the airline completes the planned upgrades for the jets.

And Then There’s Stansted

Emirates will be touching up its operations even for the London area in preparation for the summer season. The Dubai based carrier will be increasing frequency to the north-easter London airport of Stansted.

EK will be deploying a second daily flight to Stansted Airport, this too operated using one of the airline’s Boeing 777. Although it’ll be a 777 to serve the route EK has announced it’ll be offering the latest cabin product as the plane will be fitted with the so called “Game Changer” layout.

This latest layout features fully enclosed first class suites and upgraded seats in both business and economy class.

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