Which Airlines Use The Embraer E195-E2 in Their Fleets?

Over the decades the race to making planes more and more efficient has been continuous and rapidly evolving. Long before environmental issues were a common topic, aircraft producers continuously challenged the status quo in order to reach a higher level of fuel efficiency. Simply because a more fuel efficient plane is a cheaper plane to operate and a more profitable one. Since Airbus took over the Bombardier CS100 and CS300 projects it has become the leader in manufacturing regional size planes with extended ranges. However there is another jet that has been trying, not with great success, to challenge this dominant position, the Embraer E195-E2. But which airlines operate the Embraer E195-E2? Is it a common plane among airlines or not?

Which Airlines Fly The Embraer E195-E2?

Airline195-E2 Units
Porter LogoPorter Airlines19
Etihad LogoAzul15
Air Peace LogoAir Peace5
Winter Canarias LogoBinter Canarias5
Helvetic Airways LogoHelvetic Airways4

The E2 Embraer models, the second version of the E series jets, has had some difficulty winning over the orders of the larger airlines. Many of the major carriers have opted with different choices when placing orders for similarly sized planes, such as the A220. Even the smaller Embraer E190-E2 has faced similar difficulties, while the smallest E175-E2 has yet to receive even a singer order. So far the entire E2 jet family has racked up 270 orders, while the A220 family has over 800 orders.

Although the E195-E2 and its other smaller variants are being greatly outperformed by Airbus’ A220 family, this is by no means due to an inferior product. As we’ll see below in many aspects the E195 is at par if not superior to the A220.

Helvetic Airways Embraer E195-E2

What Makes The E195-E2 A Special Plane?

The Embraer E2 family, although it hasn’t performed as well as the Brazilian manufacturer might have hoped, is among the most fuel efficient planes out there. Also the Embraer E195-E2 is one of the quietest jets available, making it future proofed to land at airports where sound pollution limitations are in place or will be placed in the future.

The E2 family shares the same engine type with the A220. Both planes use the Pratt & Whitney geared turbofan, which allows for extremely low fuel burns.

Azul Embraer E195-E2

Which Airlines have the E2 on Order?

Airline195-E2 Orders190-E2 Orders
Etihad LogoAzul510
Porter LogoPorter Airlines500
Air Peace LogoAir Peace130
SalamAir LogoSalamAir60
Winter Canarias LogoBinter Canarias50
Helvetic Airways LogoHelvetic Airways40
Royal Jordanian Airways LogoRoyal Jordanian20
Wideroe LogoWideroe03
Air Kiribati LogoAir Kiribati02

Although the the E2 family has had some trouble winning over the love of some of the bigger airline groups, there has been a group of niche carriers that have invested heavily in the project. The likes of Azul and Porter will make of this aircraft the backbone of their medium haul operations.

So there is reason to be hopeful for the future of the Embraer E2 family, particularly as airports impose stricter noise pollution regulations.

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